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Dear Friends,

For less than most people spend on a dinner out, you're about to learn how you can easily earn $72,000 a year with NO inventory, NO office, and NO business hours!  You're probably bombarded a hundred times a day with "get rich quick" schemes so let me tell you right off the bat - THIS ISN'T ONE OF THEM!  You can't get rich by sitting on your couch doing nothing - and I'm not going to hand you any money.  I'm simply going to show you how to get your share of the billions of dollars being spent annually on the Internet.

This is the time for you to cash in on the explosion of eBook sales online!  With the information and assistance I'm going to give you, you can have your own money making web site up and ready to take orders in under 30 minutes!  Plus, you'll be armed with the knowledge you need to keep increasing your new cash flow system! 

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Write eBooks That Sell! "Write eBooks That Sell!" teaches you how to find and research your own saleable topics, how to prepare and write your text, how to secure and protect your works, how and where to promote your eBooks, how to get others to help you spread the word and promote your products, how to publish and distribute your eBooks, and much, much more!

Everybody knows a little bit about a lot of topics - let us show you how to make money off of topics that interest you!  You too can write and sell eBooks on anything and everything from recipes, internet businesses, crafts for babies and how to tie scarves!  You name it - information sells!

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Buy now and I'll give you four FREE bonuses worth over $100 - including master resale rights to three eBooks with ready to go web sites, all set for you to start making money online today!  These hot selling information products are royalty free - that means you keep all the profit!  Plus, this Internet library of extremely valuable information will walk you through every step you need to take to drive traffic to your web site - and bring in the orders!  And you'll also get the Cover Art Guide - everything you need including tutorial and templates to create professional covers for your own eBooks.  

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"Write eBooks That Sell" shows you how to pick profitable topics and takes you step-by-step through the process of writing your own eBooks so you can setup multiple streams of income that will generate cash for years to come.  The bonus eBooks you receive come with professional ready-made websites that will help you market your titles when finished, and allow you to start generating income immediately while you're researching and writing about your chosen topics!  Click the book covers above to see what your new web sites will look like.  These proven order-pulling marketing materials are yours to keep - along with 100% of the profits!

More Quality Time

The beautiful part of writing and marketing your own eBooks is that you can be making money while you travel, spend time with your family, or go out with your friends.  Selling instantly downloadable information products, even while you're traveling or out playing golf, is an extremely simple system and "Write eBooks that Sell" gives you the full details on each of the easy steps!

Writing an eBook does not have to take "forever" and you don't have to be exceptionally creative or an expert on any particular topic.  Your eBooks will be huge profit centers that will make money year after year, and can be produced for very little cost in only a few hours a week.  We'll show you what information sells best, help you pinpoint your target audience and walk you through the research and writing because creating an eBook is so much easier when you tackle it in small bites.

The best part is, by the time you're done reading this letter you'll already have three money-making web sites ready to setup and start accepting orders.

Retire in Style

Most people expect to retire by 60, haven't saved very much, doubt they'll get all their Social Security benefits, and yet they still expect to live as well in retirement as they do now.  More than half of middle-aged Americans have a net worth of less than $10,000 and our aging population is putting a strain on public benefits.

Planning pays - prepare now to continue earning an income in your 60s and 70s.  One sure way to live well in retirement is to make sure you'll be able to afford it without relying on the government, and without having to continue working through it.  Writing and selling your own instantly downloadable information products is a surefire method of creating multiple streams of income that will generate a serious cash flow for you and your family for many years to come.  Let us show you how to become financially independent today so that you can retire in the style you've dreamed of at the time of your choosing!

Live Your Dreams

I worked for fifteen years to build my real estate appraisal firm - to the point where I was working 70-80 hours a week just to stay caught up.  I was a slave to my office, my customers and employees.  I was doing pretty good financially - but I was hating every minute of it, and I was never able to take a day off or a vacation without worrying and constantly checking in.

I used to be able to do arts and crafts in my spare time, but one day I realized that I hadn't had any spare time in years.  So I started writing eBooks on my former hobbies and shut the doors to my appraisal office.  Now I can once again do the things I love to do, spend time with my family and friends, and I'm still making money even when I'm on vacation!

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eBooks Are The Best Online Business!

Run it from home - or anywhere with a phone connection
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Off-line marketing takes a lot of time and money, but the payoffs are huge with online marketingCosts are low online - no printing, no shipping, no inventory, no office rent!  Your customers are happier too - they get instant delivery.

No More 9 to 5

"Write eBooks That Sell" makes it as easy for you as you'll succeed, be happy, and continue to do business with me in the future!  If you're satisfied, and feel that I've over delivered, then you'll tell others about "Write eBooks That Sell" - that's why I'm going to give you much more than you expect at a price you can afford!  For only $29.95 you'll get our winning guide that shows you how to setup your own multiple streams of income for a lifetime of earnings - plus you'll get three instant Internet businesses with full re-sale rights so you can immediately make your money back and start bringing in an income while you're learning how to expand and increase your cash flow!

You'll be able to immediately setup your three professional, powerful, proven earning web sites and at the low, low price of $29.95 you could conceivably make your money back on the first day!  Most people are too busy earning a living to figure out how to make money on the Internet - I was for longer than I like to admit.  You don't have to be left out when we've made it this simple, quick and easy to get startedAct now and get started on your way to true financial independence and the freedom to live like you want to!

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S. Denise Hoyle

P.S.  We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  If you're not completely thrilled once you receive the package, for any reason at all, just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your money.



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